Saturday, May 14, 2011

A modest update.

So, it appears that efforts in semi-quantitative biochemistry are approaching reproducibility, which is always interesting to observe. Of course, I have yet to surmount the final barrier of putting quantitative boundaries on both axes of my graphs (so far, there’s only the one axis that has actual numbers on it), so I suspect a couple more replications will be adequate to get it to a state where I will not dread being laughed at in public.

I suppose it will be something of a recurring theme in the future, but the crux of my interest in discussing protein dynamics is just how much territory that phrase covers, as what it implies varies from person to person, frequently corresponding to their own scientific interests. You have everything from the famed “protein dynamical transition” at around 180 K to research examining HD exchange in proteins, to studying the motion of various motifs in proteins as a function of a certain parameter, and extending all the way up to processes occurring at cell biology scales.

My current distraction (from reading things that are actually a bit more germane to my own work) is found here - a set of reviews on ion selectivity. It’s one of those topics I’ve found perpetually fascinating, although haven’t really worked in to any extent. Off to downloading!

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